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DDA Projects - Builder Quality Assurance

DDA Projects : Quality Build Assurance Full Project Lifecycle  Communication

Our builder quality assurance foundations

At DDA Projects Ltd, we prioritise quality assurance throughout every project we undertake. Our builder quality assurance processes are meticulously designed to guarantee that your construction projects meet the highest standards of excellence.

Training & Development

As a company, DDA Projects is continuously enhancing its knowledge across the team and practices to extend those advantages to our clients.

Our Team

Our employees are a highly motivated, skilled team with 100 + years of experience combined, who are committed to fulfilling our customers' needs.

Sub Contractors

DDA Projects Ltd works with a small list of reputable subcontractors known for their exemplary contract delivery. Each one undergoes evaluation based on health and safety, management standards and quality, while upholding high working standards and delivering top-tier service.


We continually develop our partnerships with top building material suppliers, leveraging our bulk purchasing capabilities and longstanding relationships making sure bulk purchasing capabilities are achieve cost efficiencies. Allowing us to offer competitive pricing regardless of project size.


We strive to establish and nurture a positive, professional relationship with our clients and their project teams before, during and after, regardless of project size and length. Fostering open communication, always maintaining mutual respect with our clients and collaboration throughout the duration of the project.


We believe the importance of communication with our clients is a crucial element in delivering our services effectively. Our ultimate measure of success is client satisfaction. With repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals being paramount, our goal is to be the top choice for clients when they consider their next project.
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